Discover the most liveable city in Italy


Trento is a small city in the middle of the Alps, very close to the Dolomites, the renowned mountain range which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. The Autonomous Province of Trento administration fosters higher education, scientific research and technology development among its strategic assets for the development of the region.

Trento is consistently ranking at the top among Italian cities for its quality of life and for its urban ecosystem and is recognised as one of the excellence in the world for what concerns the implementation of the Smart City concept. Cultural heritage, natural environment and quality of services are at the basis of Trento’s and Trentino’s quality of life. The region is a paradise for many outdoor sports and recreational activities, both in winter and during the summer. Its uncontaminated natural environment makes of it a very attractive touristic destination. Tourism, aside from its geographical and historical role of conjunction between the Italic and the Germanic cultures, made of Trentino one of the most open and integrative regions in Italy.


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