Toward PhD Excellence


The top value of its researchers, together with the quality of the infrastructure and laboratories and the assiduous collaboration with the most renowned research-centers and industries in the world, puts FBK among the first places in Italy in term of excellence in research and research results, and at peer level with the best research institutions in the world. In the last periodic Research Quality Assessment conducted by the Italian National Agency fo the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes, FBK ranked at the 1st place for scientific excellence in 3 different subject areas (Engineering and Computer Science, Historical Studies, and Political and Social Sciences) and 3rd in Physics.

PhD students at FBK are continuously encouraged to achieve research excellence:

  • After the first year, students present their research project to a panel of FBK researchers.
  • After the second year, FBK advisors are asked to express a motivated judgement about the students they supervise.
  • After conclusion, students with top journal publications are awarded the excellence certificate.
  • The FBK Best Student Award is a prestigious recognition awarded each year to the student with the most outstanding achievements
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