Federico Sinigaglia

University of Genova
Security Analysis and Testing of Strong Authentication Protocols based on Mobile Devices

As the number of security-critical, online applications grows, the protection of the digital identities of the users is becoming a growing concern. Strong authentication protocols provide additional security by requiring the user to provide at least two independent proofs of identity for the authentication to succeed. With this work, we want to provide some tools for the analysis and the testing of a specific kind of security protocols: the Strong Authentication Protocols involving mobile devices. These security protocols are widely used for restricting access to critical resources, while their analysis and testing procedure is not fully developed. The aim of this research work is to help security expert to validate and improve the Strong Authentication Protocols design by providing testing tools and guidelines, in order to reach a higher security level for sensitive data access.

Advisor: Roberto Carbone
Keywords: Security and Privacy, Authentication Protocols, Strong Auhentication, Mobile Security, Security testing, Security Protocol Design Analysis, Security Protocols Testing, Sensible data protection
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