FBK Academy

The FBK Academy is an HR initiative to offer to all the FBK employees a set of learning opportunity on different topics concerning a wide spectrum of horizontal competencies. Many of the proposed short courses, workshops and seminars may be of great interest for the FBK International PhD Program students as well. With the aim of offering further learning and training opportunities, the access to the FBK Academy initiatives is open, subject to approval, to all the FBK International PhD Program students.

A presentation of the FBK Academy can be found here. The catalogue of the courses can be found here (FBK login required), or here (without login, but with less information).


How to enrol

During the enrolment period, each FBK International PhD Program student can contact  from his FBK email account to get more information on each course. To get the approval for the enrolment on a specific course, the student must first contact , with her/his advisor in c.c.

The Enrolment period is usually in December-January, and is announced via email.

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