Stefano Merzi

University of Trento
Application of novel position-sensitive Silicon PhotoMultipliers to medical imaging

The Silicon Photo-multiplier (SiPM) is replacing the photomultiplier tube in several applications because of its solid-state nature, its better performance and customization level. Different position-sensitive SiPM (PS-SiPM) architectures have been proposed during the past few years. They allow the position of the light impinging on the SiPM active area to be identified using a limited number of readout channels, with an ultimate precision in the order of tens of microns and a sensitivity down to the single photon. The most important applications of PS-SiPMs are currently in the field of medical imaging, in which a scintillator is used for the detection of gamma-ray or X-ray photons. The PS-SiPM is used for the readout of the pixelated or monolithic scintillator with 2-dimensional position sensitivity and very good timing resolution. In this context, FBK has recently developed a new type of PS-SiPM, called Lineraly-Graded SiPM (LG-SiPM), showing beyond stateof-the-art performance during preliminary measurements. The PhD activity will focus on the research and development optimization of this technology, aiming at improving its performance and at extending its potential applications, within the current research programs of TIFPA and FBK.

Advisor: Alberto Gola
Keywords: SiPM, position-sensitive, medical imaging
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